The Bryan Adams athletic program has a goal board in the athletic hallway for posting the passing rate of all athletic programs.  The Cougars have 530 student-athletes across all sports and 470 passed all of their classes for the first six weeks, this translates into an 89% passing rate for all Cougar sports programs.  The Academic Success board is prominently displayed in the athletic hallway and is clearly visible to the entire campus.  A BA logo or % number is placed by each sport for each six weeks of the school year.  A BA logo means a passing rate of 93% or better, a % means the grades fall within that %.

The football program improved on last years 93% passing rate by responding with a 95% passing rate in year two of Coach Lorance's program.  There are currently 101 student-athletes in the football program and in the first six weeks 96 passed all their classes for a 95% passing rate.

The Cougar Football program is extremely proud of our athletes, not just in football, but in the entire athletic program.  #WeWillWin  #FindAWay

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