Good Morning Cougar Nation;

The University Interscholastic League released the 2018-2019 school year football districts yesterday and the Cougars are excited at the opportunity we will have to compete in District 6-5A Division 1 Football.    What a great opportunity this is for Bryan Adams to put our program on display for wider audience.  This will be a tough district, but we have been working extremely hard this off-season to improve on our historical 2017 football season.  First year head football coach Lorance said; "To really make a jump an improve as a football program you need to play great people.  This new district will give us that opportunity".  Coach Lorance also said; "Our football program is being built to make deep runs in the playoffs, securing one of the 4 playoff spots in this new district will ensure we are battle tested and ready to accomplish that goal."

The players are excited, the coaches are excited, and as we look forward to spring football our eyes are fixed on the same three goals we have for every football season.

  1. Make the playoffs. (nothing matters until this goal is met)
  2. Win the district championship.  (not talked about until #1 is met first)
  3. Win the first round playoff game.  (we have always believed if you win the first round game anything can happen after that)

The Cougar Football program is thankful for all of the support the community has shown and will work very hard to honor that support.

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