Bishop Lynch High School
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Sponsored by Mu Alpha Theta and the Math Department, Bishop Lynch High School is pleased to announce the results for the 2014-2015 Math Contests. Congratulations to all these hard-working students!

AMC 10/12
For more than 60 years, students across the country have taken up the challenge of America’s longest‐running and most prestigious math contest, The American
Mathematics Competition (AMC). Every year, at thousands of schools in every state, more than 350,000 students are presented with a set of questions rich in
content and designed to make them think. The 2015 Bishop Lynch High School winners were: AMC 12 - junior, Michael Gao and the AMC 10 - sophomore, Lani DuFresne.
Named to the AMC 12 Winning Team this year were seniors, Caitlin O’Connor and Emily Sabetti, and named to the AMC 10 Winning Team were sophomores,
Nick Ramirez and Zach Zipper.

National Mu Alpha Theta Log 1 Contest
BL’s Mu Alpha Theta Chapter placed 43rd among 257 participating chapters worldwide in the Mu Alpha Theta Log 1 Contest, earning a plaque for 7th place in
Region II, which includes Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, South America, Central America, Mexico and the Middle East. Mu Alpha Theta, The National
High School and Two‐Year College Mathematics Honor Society, has more than 105,000 members in over 2100 schools worldwide. In individual competition in
Region II, at the Mu (Calculus) Level, Michael Gao won 19th Place, at the Alpha (Pre‐Calculus) Level, Audrey Paetzel won 22nd place and Benjamin Walter, 28th
Place, and at the Theta (Algebra II) Level, Jacob Villarreal won 9th Place, Ana Moser, 11th Place, Mariam Kalzia, 18th Place and Alex McMahan, 22nd Place.

Catholic Math League Advanced Math Contest
Bishop Lynch placed 2nd in Division I and 9th overall in the Catholic Math League’s Advanced Math Contest, competing against 35 Catholic high schools
nationwide. Michael Gao, a junior at BL, won the Division I Championship Trophy and placed 13th nationally among 625 student participants.

American Scholastic Association Senior Division Math Contest
Bishop Lynch won a 1st place award, placing 46th out of 219 registered schools worldwide, including schools in the United States, Austria, Bahamas, Bahrain,
Beijing, China, Brunei, Cambodia, Canada, Columbia, Czech Republic, Guam, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Macau, China, Malaysia,
Morocco, Nanjing, China, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Shanghai, China, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and
Vietnam. After six rounds of competition Michael Gao, who missed only one problem, placed 21st among all participating students worldwide.

Texas Math League Competition
Bishop Lynch took 2nd place in Region IV (Dallas County) and placed 10th overall in Texas, with 44 high schools participating in the competition. Amanda Ehnis and
Michael Gao tied for 29th Place in Texas in individual competition.

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